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Welcome to the Wide Range of Normal

The only normal people are the ones you don't know very well. Alfred Adler

Often as parents, caregivers, teachers, etc  we find ourselves asking  questions like

  •  Is this child's behavior normal?

  •  Is normal to feel this way? 

  • Am I a normal parent?  

  • If this normal why does it feel so hard, confusing, scary, annoying?​


 In reality normal is a whole lot more diverse than we give ourselves credit. Normal is not a one size fits all.  When it come to understanding and supporting the children in our lives there is a wide range of "normal" that we must navigate to find the best ways of helping and being as caregivers.  ​

Children are not broken, flawed,  or "abnormal" people that we need to "fix" to fit in. They are all unique individuals that for most just need a better understanding of who they are and what their needs are to best go through life and become a healthy contributing member of society. 

 By finding our child's and our own norms (aka needs, personality, etc) we can begin the process of better relationships, communication, and ultimately more overall feelings of enjoyment and peace in our parent-child relationship. 

The journey that is the parent-child relationship is an adventures with many highs and lows in which the final goal is helping your child become their best selves (aka who they are,  not necessarily the person we want them to be), and that you become a little wiser, kinder, and self-aware along the way.  

Parenting and supporting children is rarely easy, but it is a deep, meaningful and part of what connects and helps us evolve as a person.

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